About Us

Club History

KCF badminton club started life as CF badminton club in 1995. The founder, June Dunne, created the club with the intention to raise awareness of Cystic Fibrosis. 

In 2010 CF badminton club merged with Kensington badminton club to form a much larger KCF badminton club which is now the largest club in the Liverpool & District Badminton League.

Learn more about Cystic Fibrosis here

Club committee

President – June Dunne
Chair – Jenny Yu
Secretary – Allan Jones
Treasurer – Mayling Tse
Safeguarding Officer – June Dunne
Welfare Officers - Debbie Anacoura / Osman Dualeh

Club Culture and Members

KCF is the place to be if you simply want to enjoy playing badminton in a nice friendly atmosphere. Our members are very friendly, whether it's positively supporting each other in a competitive match, or just having a nice social game for fun.

Diverse but supportive

We are proud of how diverse our members are; from English, Chinese, Serbian, Welsh, Indian, Malaysian and Russian just to name a few. And we actively encourage more members to join, no matter what your background may be (Junior member invitation only).
We have many people from different walks of life, be it Doctors, Dentists, Students or Taxi Drivers. On court it doesn't matter, we are just here to enjoy playing badminton. We all mix and mingle regardless.